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Our Fleet

We infuse new meaning into “The pride of the fleet” as each of our vehicles measures up to this statement. Coach Hire Portsmouth offers many selections to choose when organizing your next group transportation excursion. Whether transporting an intimate group or the group is extra-large, Coach Hire in Portsmouth offers modern luxury vehicles at conveniently low rates.

Our cheap Coaches Portsmouth rates involve 10-16, 17-24, 25-33 and 34-39 seater availability while infusing immaculate quality travel. Our double-deck Coach Hire seats groups ranging from 70 to 73 individuals. Always exceeding your expectations, we include buses able to comfortably transport 72 passengers in our signature travelling grace.

Coach Hire in Portsmouth always focuses on offering affordable packages for every group. Intimate parties and small families benefit greatly when booking one of our many Minibuses in Portsmouth. Fleet selections include premiere 6-8 Mini Coach Hire as well as 10-16 Portsmouth Minibus Hire. Any of these fine choices infuse complete opulence and convenience at our renowned competitive prices and deals.

Our Coach Hire Company Portsmouth fleet takes five-star deluxe travel to a completely new level with our VIP and Executive lines. Plush luxurious upholstery, modern entertainment centres including CD and DVD players, on-board restroom facilities and refrigerators as well as a coffee & tea location cater to passenger’s desires. Tinted windows and blackout blinds provide ultimate privacy while air controlled temperatures allow optimal relaxation. Your Birthday Party and Anniversary Celebration guests receive splendid accommodations during the festivities. Any Weddings and Prom Night infuse special elegance and sophistication while our chauffeur ensures every prompt destination arrival. Your Theme Park trip, journey to Sport Events, Football Games or Royal Ascot on a Portsmouth Minibus Hire or Portsmouth Coach Hire brings together a winning combination of driver safety, travelling satisfaction and economic rates.

Our Coach Company Portsmouth fleet ensures cheap Coaches in Portsmouth without compromising our classic odyssey in style. Our Coach Hire driver in Portsmouth operation ensures a diligent and responsible chauffeur takes your group where you want to go, using the best route travelling plans. Understanding our attention to customer care is evident with our large team of specialized mechanics who oversee superior maintenance toward every vehicle. Not only do our Minibus Hire vehicles receive a thorough screening before and after your trip, our 3-point seat belts receive the same focus. Large luggage capacity provides secure storage while satellite navigation handles the out of the way locations.

Visiting our Coach Hire Portsmouth website guarantees a beneficial experience as we only employee the most efficient and dependable Booking Agents and Customer Service Representatives. We at Coach Hire Portsmouth believe in 24-hour customer support when booking with our company. Always acknowledging your valuable time affords the fastest quote system available while our price monitoring process ensures stupendously impressive rates. Clients quickly book destinations anywhere in the United Kingdom while a helpful representative ensures secure efficient scheduling.

We are the first provider for economical modernized travelling luxury and are available 24/7 to handle your request.